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Empower your digital learning with design

We are a design studio dedicated to making digital learning experience meaningful, effective, and fun.

Ignites learner's curiousity and motivation

Create an emotional connection with your learner by using storytelling, custom interactivity, and design. Keep learners engaged and spark their inner motivation.


Improve engagement and retention

Creating life-long learners from engaging experiences. Keep them coming back for more, empowered to thrive and excel.

This is how we do it.

Our team of designers and developers transform your material into engaging learning experiences with striking visuals and tailored interaction.

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Visual design 

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Bespoke interaction

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Custom course development

Learn by visual

Visual design 

Leveraging visuals can significantly enhance learning and information retention. Our brains process visuals up to 60,000 times faster than text, and visuals linked to emotions are more easily stored in long-term memory. 

Graphic design and infographic 

Transform complex information into clear and engaging visuals

Unique illustration

Resonate emotionally with learners. Make learning not just informative, but truly impactful.


Learn by doing

Interaction design 

Learning by doing makes information stick. When we actively participate, like building something or solving a problem, we create stronger connections in our brains. It's like forging a pathway through a field - the more you walk it, the easier it becomes to remember.

Articulate Storyline 

Create memorable experiences by adding branching scenarios, simulations and gamification.

UI/UX Design

Enhance the learning experience with a beautiful and user-centered interface.

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Seamless learning experience

Custom course development

Leveraging our expertise in visuals and interactions, we craft custom courses that align with your unique learning objectives, delivering a truly engaging learning experience for your learner.

Articulate Rise

Deliver a seamless mobile first experience for courses and microlearning.

Pedagoy based design

Enhance the learning experience with a beautiful and user-centered interface.

Unlimited e-learning development & design
through a subscription

Unlock endless learning potential. Get unlimited access to bespoke interaction design, stunning visual learning, and custom course development.

About us

​Hi, we are a team of award-winning designer and developer with a passion for design and education. Recognising the immense potential of incorporating design and interaction into eLearning, we aim to create immersive, engaging, and visually captivating learning experiences that truly resonate with learners.


Brian Cho

Lead eLearning developer,
Digital designer

Creating engaging, interactive, and immersive learning - Brian has two decades of experience developing eLearning experiences for multiple sectors delivers impact.

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Aik Chin Teoh

Lead graphic designer

With a passion for captivating learners, Aik brings over a decade of digital design expertise and creative flair to motivate students closer to their aspirations.

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Francis Flores

Lead learning designer

With 15 years of leading design and implementation of interactive learning strategies. Francis elevates educational experiences to successful pedagogy outcomes.

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your learning
journey with us.



Lucy Elliott, Academic Director at OES

"Brian's work in award-winning projects like Irabina and Monash Hackathon projects have embodied his passion in designing impactful student experiences."

Plant ED Beans to your online learning today.

To get started, simply send us an email. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have, schedule a meeting to demo our work and discuss your project in more detail.

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